About Mississauga Christian French School
Mississauga Christian French School
Contact: Marian Guirguis
1245 Eglinton Ave W
Mississauga ,  ON
Canada ,  L5V 2M4

Telephone: 905 567 4032

Website: www.mcfschool.ca

About Mississauga Christian French School

Welcome to Mississauga Christian French School! I hope you are as excited as I am for this school year. MCFS is committed to provide the opportunity for every child to develop their God given potential so they can lead in their community. In order to do so, the MCFS staff team and I are dedicating ourselves to provide quality education in a Godly and nurturing atmosphere that focuses on character and values - leadership, respect, confidence and integrity. We strive to teach every child the way they learn best. Our curriculum is guided by the teachers, but owned by the students through exploration. The role of teachers, parents and administration is vital in the growth and learning experience of each child. Together, we can impact and inspire pupils to live with purpose. I am counting on your support. 

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